student work
Painter's House
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Painter's & Priest's Houses

Collaborative Project with Greg Upwall (Priest's House) for two juxtaposed dwellings for a Painter and a Priest
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Antarctica Station Detail
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"Environment 3: Antarctica High Station"

National "Environment 3" student competition 1993 sponsored by the AIAS and the National Science Foundation
Honorable Mention award
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Art cinema
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Masters Thesis: "Art Cinema"

Independent cinema with a bookstore and café located on Main Street of Park City, Utah
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work at eisele + fritz architects, Darmstadt, Germany

Design development drawings, renderings, topology concept drawings and urban design studies
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Architectural renderings for Alfred Jacobi architect, Frankfurt, Germany

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work at John W. Sugden, FAIA & Associates, Park City, Utah

Design development drawings & renderings
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